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内容摘要:翻译内容如下:随着捐款源源不断的进来,我校明年的财务状况会好多了。这样我们就能集中应对我们作为教育工作者必须承担的最重要的任务:鼓励学生实现他们的学业目标,培养他们成为... 翻译内容如下:随着捐款源源不断的进来,我校明年的财务状况会好多了。





  With a steady stream of donations come in, the financial position of our school next year will be much better. So that we can concentrate should we as educators must assume the most important task: to encourage students to achieve their academic goals, training them to become responsible, reliable people to enable them to be prepared for future life and in their pursuit of material and spiritual satisfaction in the process to give guidance.

  As the donation increase continuously,our school finance condition for next year will be better. Therefore, we can focus on the most important task as a educators: encourage student to attain their aim, trained them become a person who are responsible and dependable, to enable them to be prepared for future life and give guidance to every individual when they are in the process of persuit of material and spiritual satisfaction.

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